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Wondershare PDFelement 10 | One-stop PDF solution powered by AI. Fast, affordable, and easy way to edit, convert, sign PDFs, and more – accessible across desktop, mobile, and web platforms.

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Overview Wondershare PDFelement 10

Wondershare PDFelement 10 is a robust and user-friendly PDF editing solution that brings a wealth of features to your fingertips. This software is designed to be a one-stop solution for all your PDF needs, offering a fast, affordable, and straightforward way to edit, convert, sign, and perform a multitude of other tasks with your PDF files. It’s powered by advanced AI technology, which enhances its capabilities and makes it an even more valuable tool for individuals and businesses alike. The software is accessible across various platforms, including desktop, mobile, and web, ensuring that you can work on your PDFs anytime, anywhere.

In addition to the basic features such as creating, editing, and signing PDFs, PDFelement 10 takes it a step further by offering advanced functionalities. These include the ability to add legally binding digital signatures to your documents, manage your documents collaboratively, and utilize enriched AI features. The AI capabilities extend to full-text summarization of PDF documents, translation, proofreading, and more, making it a truly comprehensive tool for handling PDFs.

This latest version, PDFelement 10, is an upgrade from its predecessors (PDFelement 7, 8, and 9), bringing even more impressive features to the table. Whether you’re a student, a professional, or a business owner, PDFelement 10 is designed to make your work with PDFs as efficient and effortless as possible. Its combination of powerful features, user-friendly interface, and cross-platform accessibility makes it a must-have tool for anyone who regularly works with PDF documents. With Wondershare PDFelement 10, managing your PDFs has never been easier or more efficient. It’s not just a PDF editor – it’s a comprehensive PDF solution.

What’s new in Wondershare PDFelement 10?

Summarize PDF
Summarize key points, generate abstracts, and extract keywords from PDFs.

PDF to Markdown
Summarize PDFs and save the summaries in Markdown format.

Chat with PDF
Enhance your PDF learning experience by chatting with it and improving your content comprehension.

AI Content Detector
Use text pattern analysis algorithm to identify computer-generated content at scale.

Rewrite PDF
Rewrite your PDF and improve the content for better clarity, style, and grammar.

Explain PDF
Explain complicated ideas in PDFs to improve your understanding of document content.

Proofread PDF
Proofread your PDF by reviewing for errors in grammar, spelling, word selection, etc.

Add Bookmarks to PDF
Add bookmarks to your PDF automatically based on its structure and headings for easy navigation.

All the elements. One solution.

  • PDF Editor
  • PDF Forms
  • PDF Annotator
  • PDF Creator
  • PDF Converter
  • PDF Protector

Own your documents with next-level PDF-ing.

Get control over PDFs like never before.

Winning teams choose Wondershare PDFelement

  • 10+ Languages supported; With plans to expand our support.
  • 2M+ Monthly users; And more joining every day.
  • 60% Lower cost; Reduce the total cost of ownership.

Got documents that need to be signed? Own it with PDFelement for iOS.
Collaborate with anyone, anywhere with Document Cloud.

Robust editing and Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

With PDFelement, the user receives full control over his PDF files and gets to adjust anything from fonts to styles without affecting the original formatting of the document. The specific benefit here is that users can also edit scanned files, using the system’s optical character recognition which makes documents searchable and selectable in more than 20 languages. Spellcheck is also available for you to fix small mistakes and typos, and text is automatically adjusted once a paragraph/line has been changed.

Creating and combining PDF files

How many PDF editors that empower content creation are you familiar with? PDFelement solved a huge problem in the document management industry, making it possible to convert over 300 file formats into professionally-looking PDFs. To make matters even better, it allows you to merge whole files and reorganize pages regardless of the original setting. It will also provide batch PDF creation, and trigger an easy and convenient indexing method to organize files on your behalf.

Extracting and converting PDF documents

With PDFelement, your converting possibilities are simply unlimited – all of your files can easily become HTML, images, Microsoft docs, and so on. If you wish so, you can also split those files into several smaller docs with different formats, and then extract them to a convenient location. Batch converting won’t be an issue either.

Creation of easily fillable PDF forms

PDFelements powerful automated form recognition technology allows businesses to enhance productivity, and transform their deals with beautiful forms that save their time, and eliminate all paperwork. Any of the non-fillable forms you’ve created in Word, Excel, or other applications, can be converted into an editable PDF form with a single click. To make matters even better, PDFelement allows you to add all desired fields, buttons, and boxes to an already existing form, or build a whole new one using some of their beautiful templates.

Exporting data from scanned PDFs

This is a revolutionary step ahead in form automation technology, as PDFelement’s users will now be able to use the company’s advanced OCR technology to eliminate manual work and analyze the data from their files in their original form. All custom field data on your forms or scanned invoices can be extracted easily, and the identical extraction rules can be activated for all PDF files with a similar layout.

A whole new level of text editing

PDFelement has one of the smoothest and friendliest text editors you’ve ever used, which not only prepares content the way you need it but also fixes your offline documents making sure you won’t lose the formatting or damage the original file layout. You get to change words, lines, or entire paragraphs, using the system’s intelligent paragraph recognition technology. Typos are recognized and fixed right away with the spell check feature, and the style and font of your original documents are preserved by default.

Outstanding security

As we mentioned before, PDFelement is one of the most secure document management systems out there which allows you to store and share content without being worried if it will end up in the wrong hands. This means you can create and manage your own signatures, make use of 256-bit AES encryption for your passwords, assign users with different permissions, and blank out the sensitive text to ensure confidentiality.

Reviewing and commenting

PDFelement is designed for teams rather than individuals, which is why it offers a suite of collaboration features. It will be incredibly easy to comment, mark and highlight documents, add stamps and annotations, and add a familiar set of shapes and arrows to distinguish a document and help your team understand how to proceed.


PDFelement gives you the chance to create your own forms with buttons, checkboxes, and text fields, but also makes sure you will have a list of premade templates by hand to facilitate this process. On top of that, this system makes it possible to turn scanned documents into operable and fillable files which you can then export in the preferred format.

Updated Features

PDFelement improved their user interface, making it more minimalist that’s easy to use even for novice users. In addition, its writing and editing tools are user-friendly so you can quickly create your documents. Converting PDF to office files is also streamlined by retaining layout, formatting, and tables. Its intuitive user management console simplifies provisioning, monitoring, and managing licenses across teams and groups. In turn, team collaboration is further improved with tools for commenting and markup.

Additional information

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Individuals, Teams, Education

License For

Single User

Subscription Period

12 Months

Operating System

Windows, macOS, iOS


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Wondershare PDFelement, a powerful PDF tool, helps you edit, convert, create, annotate and combine PDF files in different platforms, including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Document Cloud.

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