Lumion Pro 12

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This product is no longer sold, please purchase the newer version Lumion Pro 2023.
Forget what you know about rendering software. Lumion Pro 12 is different.

License Type: Perpetual floating license, Upgrade

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This product is no longer sold, please purchase the newer version Lumion Pro 2023.

About Lumion Pro 12

Lumion breathes life into rendering, making the process simple and enjoyable from the moment you import your model until you render out a beautiful image, video or 360 panorama.
It’s not an add-on or a task that’s parallel to design development and visualization. Lumion integrates into any design process; it’s an activity that feels natural and pleasant, inspiring your vision for the final result. Rendering with Lumion brings a refreshing simplicity to the task, and it opens the door to a whole new world of possibilities.

No matter if you work on residential homes, commercial buildings, interiors, landscapes, urban developments or other projects, Lumion guides you as you create a lively, real-life representation of your design in its surrounding context.

Cutting-edge photo and animation effects. Thousands of detail-rich and customizable objects and materials in the Content Library. And a friendly Customer Care team to help with any questions you may have. With Lumion, beautiful renders are within reach.

Add Lumion to your workflows

Whatever you imagine for your design, you can render with Lumion.
Bring your exteriors, interiors and landscapes to life, and enjoy every step of the journey along the way.

Render all you can imagine

With every iteration and last-minute client presentation, Lumion fits into your design process and allows you to create stunning images, videos or panoramas that capture the life in your designs.
– Images
– Videos
– 360 panoramas

Enjoy yourself as you surround your design with majestic mountains, idyllic waterfront views, captivating forests, energetic cities and sleepy suburbs. Whatever you imagine for your design, Lumion makes it easy to capture the aesthetic, the sensations and the emotions of your project.

Lumion fits within your workflow

No matter your CAD software, no matter your previous rendering experience, you can import your model(s) into Lumion and, within minutes, begin sculpting and shaping the real-life or conceptual context around your design.

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License Type

Perpetual floating license, Upgrade

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Named user

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Lumion is available in Standard and Professional editions. With the Lumion Professional edition, you can access the full range of content, features and effects, while Lumion Standard has a limited selection of effects and ⅓ of the entire content library.


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