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Products of Corel Corporation


Founded: 1985

Corel empowers more than 90 million knowledge workers to be creative, productive, and accomplish their goals across platforms and geographies. In an environment that never stands still, we help our customers define and achieve success.

At Corel, we make the tools, processes and spaces that drive people and teams to constantly improve. Connecting the dots between today and tomorrow, our software gives you the flexibility to pivot and adapt in a rapidly changing world

Drawing upon 35 years of innovation, Corel holds a rare position as a pioneer of the digital frontier. Today, this commitment delivers technologies that remove yesterday’s limitations. Collaboration tools amplify creative talent. Efficient workflows optimize timelines. Powerful productivity and virtualization solutions offer the freedom to be productive anywhere.

Company Website:

Showing 1–50 of 54 results

Showing 1–50 of 54 results

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