ArchiCAD 26

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This product is no longer sold, please purchase the newer version ArchiCAD 27.
ArchiCAD 26 is a BIM software tool for Mac and Windows developed by the Hungarian company Graphisoft.

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This product is no longer sold, please purchase the newer version ArchiCAD 27.

Overview ArchiCAD 26

Stay focused, design more

With powerful improvements to automated design, documentation, and collaboration workflows, and professional out-of-the-box visualization solutions, Archicad 26 lets you focus on what you do best: design great buildings.

Give yourself a boost

Do you have a need for speed? Archicad 26 and BIMx Desktop Viewer are now blazing fast thanks to native support on Apple Silicon.


Spend less time on project management and more time on design — Archicad 26 helps your team stay organized and files streamlined even as the size and complexity of projects continue to grow.

Discover Attribute Management

Archicad’s advanced attribute management keeps busy architecture offices streamlined by organizing projects accurately.

Faster Project Navigation

No more endless scrolling! Quickly and easily find specific items with the new Navigator Search for faster navigation inside of a project.

Enhanced Surface Overrides

Faster modeling and documentation of openings with fewer workarounds thanks to greater control over openings’ surfaces and enhanced Graphic Override options.

Smart Object Creation with Library Part Maker

Develop your own parametric object library without scripting! Create doors, windows, and other parametric objects easily with graphical editing methods. The Library Part Maker tool makes object creation a breeze. Available for Graphisoft Forward and SSA subscribers only.

Customized kitchen cabinetry

First introduced with Archicad 25, now you can quickly and easily customize the look and style of kitchen cabinetry while still meeting local and company standards and requirements — all without manual workarounds.

Improved 2D editing

Based on user feedback, the efficient and user-friendly 2D editing enhancement in Archicad 26 saves time and helps maintain consistency among interactions when using Radial Stretch of circles and ellipses.


Faster client approvals — Create stunning visualizations quickly and easily thanks to professional out-of-the-box solutions, modern textures and furniture, and powerful BIMx web and desktop viewer updates.

New Professional Textures

Engaging, modern visualizations make client approvals fast and easy thanks to the fresh content added to the Additional Surface Catalog. Available for Graphisoft Forward and SSA subscribers only.

Optimized Archicad export and enhanced BIMx web and desktop viewers

Archicad 26 introduces powerful 3D model export with a simpler, more informative Publisher workflow and easier control over texture size to optimize file size, and export time. In addition, BIMx Web Viewer and BIMx Desktop Viewer have a new, more realistic visualization with on-the-fly rendering, reflecting project orientation and Camera View Cone in the 3D model.


Archicad 26 brings improved structural analytical model workflows and usability enhancements for faster, smoother interoperability between architects and structural engineers.

Structural Workflows

Watch the video to learn how collaboration between structural engineers and architects is critical to the success of building projects.

Automatic live Load generation

Faster, automated interoperability between architects and structural engineers in Archicad 26 saves time and increases access to detailed information in the model.

Faster Export to FRILO

Save time when working with the new Archicad – FRILO one-click direct export feature.

SAF Translator Enhancements

Smoother, faster information exchange between Archicad and Structural Analysis applications with the touch of a button keeps architects and structural engineers in sync and on track.

Support for Multi-segmented columns and beams

Get more accurate Structural Analysis calculations with multi-profiled analytical elements that better describe complex segments.

BIMcloud enhancements

No project is too big for BIMcloud, now with an increased file capacity of up to 100K + files. Improvements to security and control over file version history make BIMcloud your best project team collaboration tool.

Accurate building energy evaluations

New in Archicad 26 — Get reliable, out-of-the-box energy and CO2 building material data for accurate building lifecycle analysis and sustainability reports. Currently available for selected localized versions of Archicad 26.


Archicad 26 introduces faster, more accurate documentation with fewer manual workarounds thanks to powerful enhancements to the documentation workflow.

Archicad license update

Update your license to get the latest version. There are different options depending on the type of license you have (hardware key or software key).

Additional information

License Type


Operating System

Windows 11, macOS

Subscription Period

12 Months


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