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AUTOCAD(3D) TO SOLIDWORKS Exporter, A data exchange plugin that creates SolidWorks Parts & Assemblies from AutoCAD(3D) Blocks.

License Type: Perpetual floating license, Subscription

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How AutoCAD(3D) models Imported in SolidWorks? ​

The Multi-CAD collaboration is facing multiple challenges. we commit a solution that’s BIMDeX data exchange installer with a Clear intuitive UI.

  • AutoCAD(3D) to SolidWorks data Exporter/Converter is a simple way of data exchange through a plug-in/add-on tool that creates native SolidWorks Parts (.sldprt) and Assemblies (.sldasm) from AutoCAD(3D) Blocks (.dwg)
  • Exports your AutoCAD(3D) model into a BXF file using BXF Exporter Plug-in. Which can be Imported into the SolidWorks platform using BXF Importer Plug-in.
  • There will be no loss in geometry or any other metadata, all the associated properties would be brought in, and the RGB colors as well.
  • The tool supports various industry-specific requirements like geometric simplification and parameter data exchange.
  • Conversion of Designed Date with various customized options. Based on the user’s preference.
  • ​It comes with multilingual support.
    • Supported Version:
      SolidWorks: 2016 – 2023
      AutoCAD(3D): 2016 – 2021


AutoCAD(3D) to SolidWorks Conversion Workflow

01 AutoCAD(3D)

DWG files formats

Export the AutoCAD(3D) model to BXF file using BIMDeX Exporter for AutoCAD(3D)


.BXF File Format

BXF file would be carrying all design data information of the model

03 SolidWorks

.sldprt & .sldasm file formats

Import the BXF file in SolidWorks using BIMDeX Importer to get the native SolidWorks model


AutoCAD(3D) to SolidWorks Conversion Features

Expose AutoCAD(3D) platform into the Mechanical CAD environment with easy transfer of AutoCAD(3D) model to SolidWorks, other BIM, and mechanical software. Control and safe data transfer.

Convert All AutoCAD(3D) Geometry

Convert all your AutoCAD(3D) geometries to native SolidWorks models and save the custom settings for ease of use.

Layer Or Block Specific Export

Export based on your desired layers, block name or group name and group the geometry based on Layer Hierarchy or Layer Name or Object type.

Geometry Selection And Customization

Export models based on Internal Origin from AutoCAD(3D) and Include or Exclude Locked components, Hidden components, Duplicated Components, Attachment and Orphan geometries.

Better Geometry And Metadata

Smoothen the edges for meshes and obtain non-triangulated solid geometry. Instantiate the blocks and maintain the hierarchy inside SolidWorks.

Parameters And Materials

Export models with parameter and material information (RGB colors) and maintain the same in SolidWorks.

Easy Operation

Make use of various features to simplify your models with the user-friendly interface combined with easy operation to assist novice and experienced designers alike

Additional information

License For

Named user, Server

License Type

Perpetual floating license, Subscription


Electronic Download

Addtional Information

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